Brief Introduction

I am university student, majoring in Materials Science Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. As of May 2016, I completed my first year in this career, kind of; I began the Mechanical Engineering major a semester after the Materials Science major. I have grown to really love learning about Materials Science Engineering. My interests within this major are focused on improving all space exploration devices through a better understanding of metallurgical synthesis and processing. I become so excited about this topic that sometimes I spend so much time jumping from source to source about it. Doing so makes it difficult to keep up with select information I find to have significant potential for improvement of certain devices or development of new devices. I do write down these details, but I’m not as organized with paper notes as I’d like to be. Hence, this blog. I plan on uploading weekly notes about what I come across in this field, monthly summaries meant to tie together these notes to show a little bit of progress at a time.

I’ll be back in about a week.  Be strong!