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So for the past few days I have been mauling over ideas of how to help you dive into my own world of curiosities. If I were to start with brief posts about what I learn each day, I think the task of posting would quickly become dull; it would get too technical too fast. If I were to start by posting about subjects or objects I felt were pretty cool… then there would be no structure, and our knowledge would increase pointlessly; we would know about all these different mechanisms but never really be able to make something out of it. You know what I mean? So I decided to provide a combination of all of this in each post.

So posts will be structured as follows:

I’ll begin with a very brief discussion of what I learn each day, along with whatever questions I may come up with. For example, we’ve recently started going over ideal gas mixtures and psychometric applications in my Thermodynamics class. First, I would briefly discuss how this applies to the subject of thermodynamics. Then I would swiftly swing on over to the applications of this knowledge.

From there, I would expand on the subject by asking questions and doing my best to answer them myself. Sometimes I may only provide a link with a short explanation, for the sake of saving time.

In this way, we would transition into the bigger picture. We’d be able to little by little build up to something innovative.



I want to be an astronaut. I know I’m late to the race, but I won’t rely on a backup plan. I’m not going to give up.

I want to know more about what is out there; here on Earth and out there in deep space. I have an absolute fascination with flying machines, and the infinite possibilities they provide. We are able to explore regions further and more complex than we could ever imagine, and in the process revolutionize our knowledge and destroy our comfort zones.

I want to be a part of that. I am going to play an essential role in that part of our world. That’s what I’ll do.